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All in Italy

TRANSFER to any destination in ITALY and abroad

PonteVecchio in Florence

VeniceDriver provides 24/7 private transfers from Venice to all over Italy and abroad at a low price !

Our courteous driver will meet you at the airport with a board with your name and take you safely to your destination. We always monitor flight delays to ensure smooth airport transfer service.

COLOSSEO in Rome City

All of our private shuttles offer pick up and drop off wherever you wish. Additional to this, there will be no other passengers on board other than your group!

On request we provide, free of charge, baby seats, child seats and booster seats.

2015 RATES from VENICE (VCE) airport and TREVISO (TSF) airport

Destination ITALY and ABROAD 1-3 Passengers 4-6 Passengers 7-8 Passengers
Private car to Padova 70,00 Euros 80,00 Euros 90,00 Euros
Private car to Vicenza 100,00 Euros 110,00 Euros 120,00 Euros
Private car to Verona 180,00 Euros 190,00 Euros 200,00 Euros
Private car to Milano Center 350,00 Euros 375,00 Euros 400,00 Euros
Private car to Milano (Malpensa Airport) 380,00 Euros 400,00 Euros 420,00 Euros
Private car to Cinque Terre 460,00 Euros 480,00 Euros 500,00 Euros
Private car to Bologna 210,00 Euros 225,00 Euros 240,00 Euros
Private car to Firenze 350,00 Euros 375,00 Euros 400,00 Euros
Private car to Roma 800,00 Euros 850,00 Euros 900,00 Euros
Private car to Civitavecchia (Cruise Terminal) 850,00 Euros 900,00 Euros 950,00 Euros
Private car to Ravenna 220,00 Euros 235,00 Euros 250,00 Euros
Private car to Trieste 180,00 Euros 195,00 Euros 210,00 Euros
Private car to Udine 170,00 Euros 180,00 Euros 190,00 Euros
Private car to Trento 220,00 Euros 235,00 Euros 250,00 Euros
Private car to Lake Garda (South) 200,00 Euros 210,00 Euros 220,00 Euros
Private car to Lake Garda (North) 240,00 Euros 255,00 Euros 270,00 Euros
Private car to Lake Como 400,00 Euros 425,00 Euros 450,00 Euros
Hourly rate for stops on the route +30,00 Euros +35,00 Euros +35,00 Euros

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